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Auditography is unique photo- and videography service for the carmaker Audi. Active since 2013, and known for taking unique photos and making videos of Audi cars worldwide.

The story from the beginning:

Under the name „Auditography – Unique Audi photography”, I have been taking very unique photos of Audi cars. Something that was a passion since I was a kid, has now turned into proffesion. Started in 2013 with the Instagram account „MyQ5andDoha”, where I posted unique photos around the city of Doha and my Audi Q5. In 2014, as I started to take photos of other Audi cars, I created the company Auditography, changed the Instagram name, and created a Facebook page, which today has over 1 million fans (March 2020).

Auditography is today known not only for focusing on the cars, but a magical backdrop behind them. Relying on natural light, I created a unique style that many recognize quickly. I also want to show these cars in unique locations and that’s why I do travel all around the world with these cars, to create those magical moments. My photos are reposted an all social media and in many automotive sites worldwide. I do have acquaintance with well known the Audi engineers, designers and workers with whom I have met several times.

My YouTube channel, which I opened in 2016, has been received with great reviews and viewed by almost 100 million people by now (March 2020).

Again, welcome to the website, and you can navigate in the menu above, or contact me for any inquiries or photoshoots.

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